2020 Questions: What We Believe

As we enter 2020, we are living in a time when God’s word is being challenged and minimized more than ever, and numerous voices proclaim that there is no God. Many now believe that humans are fully in control of all that happens on our planet and have no one to answer to but ourselves.

As we enter this new year and new decade, we will spend time examining Living Hope’s Statement of Faith, 16 different
declarations of what we believe about God, how He interacts with mankind, and how our lives are to be lived in response.

Let’s enter 2020 with clear 20/20 spiritual vision, strong faith, and faithful obedience to our Creator and Savior, fulfilling the mandate of Jesus to be salt and light to the world around us.

1/19 Introduction

1/26 There IS a God


12/15 Like father, like Son

12/22 First a _______, then a King

12/29 The Gates of Jerusalem

1/12 Come to the Quiet

Best Sermon Ever: The Sermon on the Mount

This 2,589-word teaching by Jesus is one of the most studied, debated, taught and memorized works throughout human history. At first glance, the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7 seems so lofty as to be unattainable by mere mortals, but Jesus ended the sermon by saying that the wise man is the one who puts these words into practice. Our desire is to take a fresh look at this familiar yet timeless sermon, fully believing that by the empowerment of God's indwelling Spirit, we can indeed put these words of Jesus into practice in our daily lives! See the reading guide HERE.

9/22 Introduction

9/29 Blessings? Seriously?

10/6 Salty and Shiny! The Disciple's Influence

10/13 The Heart of the Law: the Heart!

10/20 Marriage and Honesty: Serious Stuff!

10/27 Love as Your Father has Loved

11/3 An Audience of One

11/10 The Lord's Prayer - Part I

11/17 The Lord's Prayer - Part II

11/24 What Treasure Do You Treasure?

12/1 To Judge or to Serve?

12/8 A Narrow Road, a Good Tree, a Solid House

Embracing Freedom: Letter to the Galations

In this study of Paul's letter to the churches in Galatia, we see him confronting a false teaching that was creeping into this church, a teaching that those who had placed their faith in Jesus were also required to obey the law of Moses. Throughout this letter, Paul is defending righteousness through faith, apart from the law, and warning these believers of the consequences of attempting righteousness through works.

The Case for Community

Is our fragmented society being reflected in the church, where once or twice a month we sit with people we barely know and then retreat to our cars and separate lives? The New Testament displayed genuine biblical community in multiple powerful ways. Can the western church get back to biblical community?



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