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1/24 First Month, First Second Love: No Samaritans Allowed!

1/17 Love Left Behind

1/3 Who Do You Love?

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First Month, First Love

As we begin this new year with all of the uncertainties, hopes and fears, there has never been a better time to revisit what is to be at the core of the heart and mind of every follower of Christ: Love for Him. Jesus warned the church in Ephesus to repent, because they had left their first love. It is so critical in this season to be moving towards Jesus and rediscovering our first love.

1/3 Who Do You Love?

1/17 Love Left Behind

1/24 First Month, First Second Love: No Samaritans Allowed!

Recent Sermon Series

Be Disciples, Make Disciples

Before ascending from earth back to heaven, Jesus left "marching orders" with the church: make disciples. His small band of followers was faithful in carrying His message on from there, and His church expands across the globe today. How are we, the church in America, or as individuals obeying His command? Do we know what discipleship really is?

In this series we will look at this simple command and ways we can walk in greater obedience to this command.

9/13 Famous Last Words: Make Disciples

9/20 Baptize in the Name of...

9/27 Introduction to Discipleship

10/4 The Importance of Discipleship

10/11 What Jesus Wants from His Followers

10/18 Teach Them... to OBEY

10/25 Are You Using Your Weapon of PRAYER?

11/8 Repent, Deny Yourself, Abide

11/15 The Heart of the Law

11/22 Watch and Pray

12/6 Commands of Jesus - Reflections

12/13 Commands of Jesus - Reflections Part II

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