Hey, I am Mike Richard and I have been called to LHCC as the Lead Pastor. I am so excited to be here. The people here really make you feel like you are a part of the family and I love that! 


Many people shop for churches, but I want to challenge you with a question: Where is God calling you to? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself, when it comes to choosing a group of believers to serve God with and do life together. There is no perfect church, because there is no such thing as a perfect person. Jesus alone remained perfect throughout his life and we aspire to be like him, but will ultimately fall short. That is why we need one another; so that we can help, encourage, share, and grow together. I am praying that God reveals to you where you are called, so that you can be where you belong. 

Sunday Mornings

A church is not made for perfect people. If people had to be perfect to find God, we would all be lost. Whether you are a new Christian, a mature Christian or simply a seeker, we want to welcome you. Whatever your race, age, musical preference or clothing style, God sees your heart. Come as you are!


A Sunday morning at Living Hope includes contemporary worship, Biblical yet practical teaching, areas to supervise your children, and a chance to meet some friendly people! Our service starts at 10, but come early to socialize! Please don’t stress about what to wear; casual dress is the norm.

We believe that engaging in learning and fellowship is a very important thing no matter your age. Our children's classes run through 5th grade, beginning after worship ends.


Looking to engage in a relaxed environment? Our cafe is open 9-9:45AM every Sunday morning for food, free coffee and conversation. We would love for you to join us.


As we learn and study, we do not want anyone to accept what is said without comparing it against the Word of God. We want to be like the Bereans in Acts 17, who heard Paul's message and compared it to the the Word of God to test its truth and only then accepted it. Whether you use a printed Bible, carry it on your phone or use one of the Bibles at our church, we hope you test everything you hear against the infallible Word of God.


No matter your past, your present, your successes or your failures, you are of great worth in the eyes of God, and we strive to treat each person we meet with honor and dignity. We want to see each person discover their value in God’s sight.

We endeavor to correctly base all teaching, ministry and practice on God’s infallible word. God’s word is eternally true and must be carefully applied to all of life’s situations, but not adjusted or reinterpreted to fit cultural trends or societal pressures.

While preaching, teaching and various ministries and programs have their place, we believe that people are transformed primarily through relationships. First and foremost, an intimate relationship with God through His Word, worship and prayer is most important. In addition, an open and honest relationship with a few other close friends will help individuals grow and mature.

While we desire the time spent in our building each Sunday to be inspirational and challenging, the times outside of the church beyond Sunday mornings is when we really need to be the church. Whether meeting with your small group, talking with a co-worker or serving in your community, this is where the “salt and light” of Christ’s disciples is most needed.



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Join us as we gather to worship!

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  • Connect with some new people


Get connected!

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  • Explore volunteer opportunities in the congregation and in the community